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Hanoi House (NYC)

Hanoi House (NYC)

When @brunchboys posted their video of the breakfast crepe being made a few weeks ago, I knew this restaurant was going on my shortlist.  I *needed* to try this crepe.  The crepe is only served during brunch, which runs 12-3pm on Sunday.  I had a feeling that it would get crowded, so we got there 15 min early to wait outside before they opened.  (It’s a good thing we did, because two min later there was a line down the street and the restaurant filled (with the last few in line put on a waitlist) as soon as they opened the doors.

For drinks, they had a number of good beers and wines available.  I had the tamarind, honey and lime juice with sparkling wine added (perfect brunch cocktail!) and a pot of the cinnamon tea (which I swooned over.  I love cinnamon and this was the best I’ve had).

I, of course, had the crepe, and it lived up to its’ expectation.  It’s described on their menu as an “open face crispy rice crepe, fried egg, salmon roe, dill creme fraiche, bean sprouts & herbs.”  This combination is both filling and light, and the flavors really meld together in a beautiful way.  I loved breaking open the egg and having the yolk ooze over the rest of the crepe.  It was truly a wonderful dish.


Surprisingly though, if I had to say what my best bite of food was, it was my husband’s pho.  He ordered the Hanoi Style Beef Pho, which their menu lists as: “Classic 16-hr broth with heritage Black Angus filet mignon, brisket & rice noodles.”  He also ordered the crispy breadsticks to go with it.  (They come on the side, so they stay crispy, I just wanted a pic with one in!)  To be honest, I used to love pho, but once trying ramen several years ago have converted, because the ramen broth is so much richer and tastier, that I just couldn’t go back.  You guys.  This broth, it was like elixir of the Gods.  I have *never* had a broth, stock, base, etc. that has been so flavorful.  Once I tried his broth, I could *not* stop eating eat.  (I was very close to having him pour some in a glass, so I could drink it).  It was rich, salty, and a truly amazing combination of beefy, marrow, seasoned deliciousness.  This is a *cannot* miss.

The decor was also lovely and we had a perfect window seat to watch the Sunday morning strollers pass on by.  Next time I might ask to sit at the bar, so I can watch them cook in the open kitchen.  I highly recommend this as a brunch venue (though get there early!!), and I can’t wait to go back and try dinner.


Have you been for dinner?? If so, what did you order?  If you do go, leave me a comment.  I hope you love it as much as we did!



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